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Project Description
Kinect Toolbox is a set of useful tools for developing with Kinect for Windows SDK (1.7).

It includes helpers for gestures, postures, replay and drawing.

Blog post about Kinect Toolbox 1.2:

Blog post about Kinect Toolbox v1.1.1.0:

Blog post about Kinect Toolbox v1.1.0.2:
Blog post about Kinect Toolbox v1.1:
Blog post about Kinect Toolbox gestures detection :

NuGet package:

List of features:


  • SwipeGestureDetector can detect the following gestures
    1. SwipeToLeft
    2. SwipeToRight
  • TemplatedGestureDetector can record gestures in a learning machine and detect them later. Using this class, you can detect every kind of 2D gestures (letters, geometric shapes such as circle...)


  • AlgorithmicPostureDetector can detect the following postures:
    1. None
    2. HandsJoined
    3. LeftHandOverHead
    4. RightHandOverHead
    5. LeftHello
    6. RightHello
  • TemplatedPostureDetector can record postures in a learning machine and detect them later. Using this class, you can detect every kind of 2D postures (letters...)

Skeleton Stability

  • BarycenterHelper can indicate if a skeleton is static or is moving. This allows you to determine if you can launch gestures detection or not.


  • SkeletonDisplayManager allows you to draw a skeleton frame on top of a WPF canvas:
  • GestureDetectors can draw recorded positions on top of a WPF canvas

Skeleton Record & Replay

  • Kinect Toolkit includes a set of replay classes that allows you to record and replay a kinect session. It is much easier to debug and develop when you don't always have to stand up :)


  • ColorStreamManager & DepthStreamManager help you to draw Kinect streams content

Voice Commander

  • Voice Commander can use a list of words and raise an event when it detect one of them (using the microphone array of the sensor)


  • BIndableNUICamera allows you to bind the elevation of the Kinect camera in a WPF application

Context tracking

  • ContextTracker: this class detects for you if the user is stable (and so if you can detect gestures or not)
  • EyeTracker: Using the new Face Tracking system of the SDK 1.5, this class allows you to detect if the user is currently looking at the sensor (to avoid detecting unwanted gestures)

With Kinect, you are the mouse!

  • MouseController: A tool to control the mouse with your Kinect
  • MouseImpostor: A new control to replace the mouse pointer (like on Xbox)
  • Magnetic controls: An attached property to make magnetic controls in order to help you select controls with your Kinect

Combined gestures

With the ParallelCombinedGestureDetector and the SerialCombinedGestureDetector, you will be able to compose gestures (in a parallel or serial way) in order to create really complex gestures.

PresenceControl control

The PresenceControl control is a WPF control you can use to give a visual feedback to your user. The position of the user’s hands is displayed on top of a depth stream representation.

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