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SpeechRecognitionEngine.RecognizeAsync() Vs. SpeechRecognitionEngine.Recognize()

Oct 16, 2012 at 5:05 PM

Firstly - thanks to David Catuhe for releasing Programming with the Kinect for Windows.  It is a great book and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I have a small query on the design decision of using SpeechRecognitionEngine.Recognize() in a seperate thread in the VoiceCommander. 

Why did you not use SpeechRecognitionEngine.RecognizeAsync() in the VoiceCommander and handle the SpeechRecognized event instead?  Did you get better performance using SpeechRecognitionEngine.Recognize() in a seperate thread?  I'd love to know the reason as I am sure it is a valid one that I need to know!

Thanks again,